Of Tooth Gaps and Editorials: A Conversation with Lika Lisnevsky

When covering fashion and design throughout this year I stumbled upon a lot of mediocre to disgracing work, either coming from stylists, designers or the models themselves. Some work that’s promising comes from talented models that aren’t aware what potential they hold. Success in the world depends on three main factors communication with the crew of the said production, winning a genetic lottery (stolen from Cameron Russell) and publication. 

Before the summer heat hit Israel I sat down with Lika Lisnevsky, a young model working under the Dejavu Managment based out of Tel-Aviv and Miami. 

Photography: Sam Izhakov Model: Lika Lisnevsky

Photography: Sam Izhakov
Model: Lika Lisnevsky

“I started modeling around a year ago when I was 17 and was spotted on Facebook” timidly says Lisnevsky after taking a sip of her coffee. When gazing over her physical features  she’ll look very European and that’s because she is. With a solid set of measurements (79-60-89) and near runway height of 174cm, Lika  stands very respectively with her colleagues. With many agencies in Israel whom focus on a very soviet ideal of beauty Lika isn’t your typical blonde.

Photography: Ronen Fadida Model: Lika Lisnevsky

Photography: Ronen Fadida
Model: Lika Lisnevsky

She’s modeled for Style River and recently went to Barcelona for various commercial fashion campaigns and an interesting one being rock glam. “The weirder side of modeling speaks to me more.” What Lika means is she likes working on editorials more than cookie cutter commercial campaigns. As Cameron Russell stated her famous TED talk is that any beauty ideal is due to a genetic lottery and Lika has won it in terms of the industry’s standards with her facial features and tooth gap that can be equated to Georgia May Jagger’s.

Residing in Rehovot a nowheresville southern of Tel-Aviv after immigrating from Poland as a child is her current location. Lika spends her time running and singing Mizrahi (Sephardic) karaoke with friends which is a big trend here in Israel and is looking forward to her draft to the IDF, which can typically make or break a modeling career. She views the exotic beauty as the highest form of aesthetic which clearly a label of the neighbor’s grass is always greener.

Photography: Offir Assayag Model: Lika Lisnevsky

Photography: Offir Assayag
Model: Lika Lisnevsky